Casey Joiner is a photographer in New Orleans, LA. Her practice is loosely rooted in the documentary tradition, beholden to the actuality of her immediate surroundings. Her approach to image selection is intended to be non-hierarchical, employing the fundamental grammar of light, shadow, color to produce evocative images, rather than relying on strongly narrative content to tell her stories. For Joiner, the productive capacity of the photographic medium lies in its accessibility and availability to a wide array of interpretations. And yet, her handling of light in these scenes of everyday bedlam is undeniably poignant. Her pictures have formalist conviction, democratic vernacular and a magical realist attitude. 

Joiner’s work registers many of the complications of life in New Orleans; a place world-renowned for hospitality and ravaged by tourism, steeped in cultural mythologies and woefully under-resourced, surrounded by natural beauty, and in grave ecological danger. Her work is informed by her affection for places full of peculiar nonsense and deep struggle, slow things, long standing traditions, and growing up in the Deep South. Matter-of-fact in their sentimentality and beholden only to the actual, her pictures speak in the abstract of memory, identity, celebration and perpetual care.
She is available for assignment anywhere. 



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